Electric Truck Industries is a San Francisco Bay Area (Concord, CA) based company specializing in the sale of electric trucks and utility vehicles for commercial, industrial, and personal transportation and cargo hauling of loads up to 1600 lbs.  Our products include e-Ride Industries and EZGO/Cushman and Evergreen Legacy products which offer world class performance and have earned a reputation for delivering an outstanding return on investment.  The e-ride trucks are also CARB certified for street-legal use on roads with speed limits at 35 mph or less.

Electric Utility Vehicle Options

e-ride Industries – EXV2 two seat electric trucks and EXV4 four seat electric vehicles

E-Z-GO/Cushman - electric shuttles and cargo transport vehicles including the MPT, ST, and Shuttles

The e-ride Industries electric trucks and E-Z-GO vehicles are perfectly suited for many applications including:

  • College and University Campus Transport
  • Security Patrols
  • Resort and Apartment guest transport
  • VIP Tours
  • Mail Delivery
  • Manufacturing and Facilities Maintenance
  • Construction Sites
  • Landscaping
  • Refuse Hauling


The e-ride Industries electric trucks feature all aluminum unibody construction and a 72 volt power system in your choice of AC or DC power drive.  The power system options allow our customers to select a vehicle that best suits his or her performance needs and budget.  e-Ride vehicles are the favorite of the Resorts and College Campuses across the U.S., due to its rugged construction and reliablity.  It is also CARB Certified for use on public roads with posted speeds of 35 mph or less.

For customers in need of a greater travel distance the following options can be selected:

  • Absorbed Glass Mat batteries (AGM)
  • Twin solar panels (total of 400 watts)
  • AC powered drive system


Hauler1200X - Blue_Blk_SideR_075Portal

Hauler 1200

The EZGO Shuttles,  Hauler Utility vehicles, and ST Trail vehicles are powered by a best in class 48 volt electrical system to provide maximum reliability with minimal maintenance.  They are tough, reliable, and versatile vehicles that are designed to handle a variety of jobs.  Featuring a power coated steel frame construction, solid steel front axle, and durable body designs, the EZGO products are made to deliver optimum performance day after day.

The EZGO ST Series is  the economical choice for those needing a rugged trail/utility vehicle for both work and recreation. With your choice of tire and wheel packages, and other options, the ST can be customized to suit your specific needs.

The EZGO Hauler Series will haul up to 1,200 lbs. of cargo.  These heavy-duty vehicles feature a 48-volt electric drive train with either six or eight batteries to deliver the range and reliability you need to work efficiently.  The Hauler is quickly becoming the vehicle of choice for work crews who demand quiet, zero emmission power.  The cargo box is constructed from roto-molded polyethylene for a quiet, rust proof, easy to clean surface…and it’s extremely durable too.

The EZGO Shuttle Series is a heavy-duty vehicle line that is the ideal choice for resort guest transportation, housekeeping, food service, and maintenance operations. Featuring a quite and efficient, resort friendly, 48-volt electric drive train, an optional 6 ft cargo deck and a 1200 lb capacity, the Shuttle series provides reliability and sophisticated styling required for demanding resorts.

Do you have a specialized application that requires a custom built vehicle?   Custom vehicle construction is our strong suit.  With our factory locations in Princeton, Minnesota and Augusta, Georgia, we can build a truck for nearly any purpose including:

  • Custom roof racks – to safely and conveniently haul lumber, pipe, ladders, etc.
  • Van bodies – with locking compartments for storage of tools and parts
  • Van bodies – with open designs for hauling boxes, mail, and other items that need to stay dry and secure.
  • Welding trucks – powered by gas or electricity
  • Refuse haulers – to move trash, landscaping debris, etc.  Power dumps are also available

Built in the USA!

All of our trucks are built with pride in the United States and feature the finest product quality, innovation, and reliability.  We also provide Parts and Service support to insure your long-term satisfaction.

Please feel free to call us at (925) 788-2568 to discuss your specific needs.  You can also visit our showroom at:

Electric Truck Industries & All Cal Golf and Industrial Vehicles, LLC

1820 Arnold Industrial Way, Unit B

Concord, CA 94520

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